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Christmas tree

The 2023 Christmas trees will be available from 23rd November ...looking forward to seeing you in Barton, Cambridge!

Our trees

We have trees in stock in five different species, varying in height from 3 to 18 feet, although not all species are available in all heights (for example, only Nords are available over 10 feet high!).

Real Christmas trees

About us

We've been selling trees at Burwash Manor, Cambridge, for over 35 years and we believe that our years of experience enable us to source some of the very best trees, of the very best species for needle retention, shape and scent.

Our trees are predominantly UK grown and, in some cases, Mike gets to go into the plantation and personally pick our very own selection!

Personal service, helping you to choose the best, most suitable tree for you and your home (office, shop, pub, garden, etc.!), has long been our guiding principle.

If you're a regular, Dave will almost certainly remember your preference as to height, size and shape, remember the tree you had last year and ensure that you once again find your perfect Christmas tree, this year!

Our tree range for 2023

Norway spruce

(Picea Abies)

At one time the 'traditional' Christmas tree. It has relatively poor needle retention, unless taken very good care of, but has a classic 'pine' aroma and thinner, slightly spikey needles.


(Abies nordmanniana)

Had good needle retention with very little smell. Long, soft needles generating a fairly wide tree.

Fraser fir

(Abies Frazeri)

Excellent needle retention. Slim, space saving shape. Pleasant citrusy scent. Shorter, soft bi-coloured needles.

Korean Fir

(Abies koreana)

A wider version of the Frazer fir, with similar needles and excellent needle retention. Not available as pot grown.

Lodge Pole Pine

(Pinus contorta)

A very individual choice (which we call the Ewok Tree!), loved by some. Long needles, good needle retention, very little smell. Not available as pot grown.

Tree care

Pot grown trees are generally more able to cope with central heating, but still do require ample watering. If taken care of, during the summer months, they should be fine to bring back in over a number of years. They will also appreciate a gentle transition from 23°C to 2°C! A little careful trimming will help to maintain their shape.

Cut trees require more care: it’s best to cut 1 cm from the base of the trunk and place it immediately into a bucket of water outside, until you are ready to bring it into the house; at which point transfer it to a water holding stand, away from direct sources of heat (radiators, open fires etc.) and continue to water diligently! They are even partial to a drop of lemonade!

The simplest and safest (and best for the tree) way to install your cut tree is in one of the many types of purpose made, water holding stands. We stock two types; a wrought iron style, available in several different colours (and made in Lincolnshire!) or a green plastic one with greater water holding capacity (unfortunately, made in the USA!).


As you might expect from an organic farm, sustainability, waste and our carbon footprint are very important to us.

All our trees are grown as a ‘crop’, whereby more are planted to replace those harvested; all new tree net that we buy is now biodegradable ‘bionet’

After Christmas you are welcome to return your tree, or we can collect it, to be chipped – after which we will either compost it, to be ploughed into one of our fields (we farm all around Barton, in Cambridge), or it will be taken to the nearest biomass electricity generating plant.

Tree delivery can usually be arranged, if required.

Christmas Greenery

Alongside the trees, we also stock a small range of simple holly wreaths, and decorative greenery and mistletoe.

Visit Burwash Manor

Visit Burwash Manor

Burwash Manor hosts 15 individual shops, a café and a day spa, just 3 miles from Cambridge. Enjoy a few hours in our courtyards, with free parking and lots of exciting, independent shopping. And don’t forget the Larder with a huge selection of Christmas foodie treats!